How to arrange counselling:

  • Clients will require a good internet connection.
  • Clients do not need and should not download any programs for the counselling process.
  • The counselling process will be conducted by an internet video and audio program. Clients will be sent an appointment email, they should ‘click’ on the link from the email at the appropriate time. The program uses an encrypted and secure method.
  • Clients will require a private and confidential environment for their sessions.
  • Clients should ensure that their situation will enable the privacy which is appropriate to the issues that they may bring to the counselling process.
  • The counselling process is confidential between the client and the counsellor, with few exceptions. Recording or copying any part of our counselling process is not permitted, in order to maintain that confidentiality.
  • Revealing any information or details of our counselling process to others is not permitted, including doing so via any social media methods.
  • A second contact method will be requested during the first counselling session. This will commonly be a phone or text number which can be used in the case of an internet connection problem, to ensure that a session can be finished appropriately.
  • An emergency contact method will be requested during the first session. That may be used in a situation where the counsellor may consider that the client has a risk situation, to self or others. Commonly it may be another household member. The default contact will be the emergency services, if necessary.
  • Future sessions will be scheduled by mutual convenience at each session. Weekly sessions are generally recognised as being most advantageous. My counselling allows for flexibility for the convenience of clients.
  • Reflection of the content of sessions is commonly an important ingredient to the overall counselling process. This will often occur naturally between sessions. It is also suggested that clients allow a period of 15 minutes after each session for a period of contemplation and reflection.                                                                                                                                                           

For a prompt appointment, call or text: 07757 233386 UK. I may be with a client, or otherwise occupied, in which case please leave a message with your contact number. I will respond promptly. Or email: Or use the contact page to send me an email.