Moving to an expat life.

An expat life is different, there will be many aspects of life which will be changed.

There are generally two extremes of reasons to take an expat life. At one end of the spectrum will be moving away from a 'home' situation. At the other end of that spectrum will be moving towards a different situation which is attracting the person, or the family.

Attractions may be financial benefits, an increased responsibility of a professional role for the breadwinner, a possible preferable manner of living; overall being a 'bigger fish in a smaller pond'.

I am a counsellor who has a background of living and working overseas for most of my life. I have now resettled back to England, with a background, experiences and knowledge of how it was to live in various locations worldwide. I work with Expatriate people who have chosen to live the life which I lived, thus I have knowledge of those feelings and problems.

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