About me: Brian Dennis MBACP (Accred.), M.A.

I am a counsellor, practising online from England. I practise 'integrated counselling', which is counselling using a variety of methods of different types. The basis of the counselling I use is 'person centred counselling'. This has the concept that each client is a different, individual person; with their own needs, desires, aspirations and hopes. The overall concept is that each person wishes to improve their situation, in their own way. I use different, appropriate counselling methods which are applicable to the therarapy session.

Some of the counselling methods I use include:  Person Centred Counselling, Transactional Analysis, NLP, CBT, Social Focussed Counselling, Relationship/Couples Counselling and others.

Prior to commencing my training and current career as a counsellor I worked overseas for many years. From 1986 I established and developed an equipment rental company near Lisbon, Portugal, working as the managing director and owner of that company. 

I developed that new business and lived in Portugal for twenty years, then sold it and moving to England. It was the first time I was resident permanently in England since I was 19yrs old. In some ways it felt like again moving to a foreign country, although it is the country of my birth and upbringing.

Before that time I worked in various worldwide locations in the international  telecommunication industry.  The locations included: Libya, Gibraltar, Syria, Gabon, Bermuda, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Columbia, Lisbon, Oslo, Papua New Guinea.  The locations were often 'challenging', sometimes enjoyable; all were interesting.

Working in that manner in many varied locations worldwide has provided me with a fasinating knowledge of ways in which different people live and believe. All have behaviour patterns which are varied in many ways.

For a prompt appointment, call or text: 07757 233386 UK. I may be with a client, or otherwise occupied, in which case please leave a message with your contact number. I will respond promptly. Or email: info@counsellingworld.co.uk Or use the contact page to send me an email.