Expat counselling, enjoying an expat life.

An expat life should be exciting, however it will be different to a person's prior experiences. There will be many differences in that expat life, which can be considered on a range.

Each location and situation is different. Climate, local laws, traditions, languages, timeliness, etc. will be different in many situations. Those differences can be welcomed as being a exciting difference to a new expat lifestyle, or they can be resented and fought against.

In many ways the enjoyment of the expat life will depend upon which approach that you take to the experience.

Those changes changes require work. The results of the enjoyment of life will depend on the effort put into that work to adapt and change to the new situation.

There are many varieties of being an expatriate:

  • A person who is in a different location due to requirements of their employment situation or relocation.
  • A person who has decided to live overseas for various personal reasons, possibly culture or climate.
  • A person who has retired and settled overseas for personal reasons.
  • People who try to mix with and assimilate with the local environment and population.
  • Expats who try to live their own national life, language, etc., whilst living in an overseas location.

I am currently a counsellor who has a background of living and working overseas for most of my life, whilst in different professions. I have now resettled back to England, with a background, experiences and knowledge of how it was to live in various locations worldwide. I work with Expatriate people who have chosen to live the life which I lived, thus I have knowledge of those feelings and problems.

I work with expats who may be realising that they should be enjoying more of their lives than they are. Counselling can help bring a different emotional approach to life, which should be an adventure. Counselling can help in that adventure.

For a prompt appointment, email, call or text: 07757 233386 UK. I may be with a client, or otherwise occupied, in which case  please leave a message with your contact number. I will respond promptly. Or email: info@counsellingworld.co.uk Or use the contact page to send me an email.