Returning from an expat life.

Returning from an expat life can be difficult. There will be differences in lifestyle, finances, living conditions and other situations of life.

In an expat life there were probably better finances, a better living standard with accomodation and a car often provided. Overall there will differences in life when returning to UK.

Returning to a UK life will include accepting many changes. Some of those may include a 'reduced' lifestyle, with less privileges, fewer finances and overall feeling less of a big cog in the wheel of life.

There will be benefits, if they are recognised. They may include:-  Friends in an English situation, TV in English programs easily accessible, different reliability of services,types of sports, etc.

With all changes in life there will some positive aspects and some negative aspects. Understanding and accepting those differences will be constructive.

I am now a counsellor who has a previous background of living and working overseas for most of my life. I have now resettled back to England, with a background, experiences and knowledge of how it was to live in various locations worldwide. I work with Expatriate people who have chosen to live the life which I lived, thus I have knowledge of those feelings and problems.

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