Gambling industry techniques

The gambling industry has many methods and techniques which increase their profits. The industry uses variations of past techniques, adapted to modern technology, whilst including additional modern methods which add to the profitability of gambling. Some of those methods are basically hundreds, or sometimes thousands, of years old; others are fairly recent. 

Examples of the gambling industry techniques, that gamblers may recognise:

  • 'Chasing losses'. Clients are encouraged to try to 'win back' their losses.
  • Delaying paying out or cashing out winnings. There will often be a temptation to place another bet.
  • Exaggerating the importance of a 'near miss' of a losing bet, implying the next bet is more likely to win.
  • Encouraging disassociation of reality, which is that most gamblers lose.
  • Discouraging and minimising reality, including time. There rarely are clocks or windows in casinos.
  • Using 'chips',  'points', 'credits', etc. to emotionally separate the money value of the gambling situation.
  • Exaggerating the occurance of a win - bells/music/lights/cheers, etc.  i.e. appealing to all the senses.
  • Minimising the effects of a loss.
  • Reducing the cost of a bet after a loss, giving bonus points after a loss, etc.
  • Encouraging the ' James Bond' effect - the clients are treated as super-important people.
  • Stressing how losses are 'investments' in gambling, E.g 'putting so much into this game, you should win now'.

The methods used by the industry to encourage gambling are cumulative, often building one on another and using different methods so that one or more will be effective. It is their business plan, to get more profits.

Gamblers can often acknowledge, in hindsight, which methods have been used with their own gambling habits.

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