Expatriate life.

An expatriate life should be exciting, it is usually challenging. Giving up the normal situations of current life is a change, most people inherantly emotionally resist change. Relocating overseas usually involves other changes; which may include climate, finances, living conditions, language, etc.

Living a expat life is different from many situations. Commonly the finances will be better - but more complicated, the lifestyle may be advantageous. 

A single person can more easily emotionally consider a overseas relocation as a adventurous part of life - going to a new situation and place. Packing a suitcase, passport and tickets can be relatively easy for a single person.

A couple, or family, may have a very different viewpoints and situations. A considerable difference and complication for a couple or family move will be that there will commonly be one person who has been given 'the job'. Other family members will frequently having a feeling of 'going along with that person's job'. There may be an increased sense of controlling and importance level in the family group. 

The 'partner', commonly the wife, will be arranging schools, clubs, socialising and the other aspects of life in new place.

The 'job person', commonly the man, will frequently have more demands from his job which will be new and different.

So each person involved in the overseas job or assignment move will often have different viewpoints:

  • The 'job-taker' will have their viewpoint:  It might be excitement and keenness to get into a more advantageous and interesting overseas job, with probably higher salary, benefits and promotion to a more inportant position.
  • The wife or partner will have their viewpoint:  It might be a inbuilt feeling that they should be supportive of their partner, along with feelings of leaving their current friends, family and interests. They may feel that they are being treated as a second class consideration in what is actually going to be a big life-change.
  • Dependants/children will have their own viewpoints: They may be feeling that they are being wrenched from their current pleasant life and friends to an unknown situation, over which they have not control.

I am a counsellor who has a background of living and working overseas for most of my life. I have now resettled back to England, with experiences and knowledge of how it was to live in many various locations worldwide. I work with Expatriate people who have chosen to live the life which I lived, thus I have knowledge of those feelings and problems.

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