Anxiety and Depression:

Anxiety and depression are commonly linked, however that they are different issues. 

Anxiety is a concept of issues around an unknown and undefined situation, commonly in the future.

Depression is an issue of perceived negative knowledge of a past or current situation.

Counselling works towards understanding what are the anxiety situations. When that is acknowledged as a problem counselling it can bring the anxiety into the present where it can be worked upon.

Anxiety is concerned with fear, with the future. Counselling can uncover what that fear is. From that, we can bring that fear and anxiety into reality. That reality can be worked upon and brought back into the likely possibilities and the preferable manner of dealing with them.

Counselling will usually work with depression and anxiety as different and separate issues - as they are. Depression is commonly around a belief, false or otherwise, that there is a negative situation occuring in the past or present.

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