Sessions of counselling:

Commonly, clients have a presenting issue which was their reason for commencing the counselling process. Frequently the situation which is presented has a background which originated from various other situations, the presenting issue is frequently not the real issue. An example may be a relationship issue, when one partener feels that money is being spent on gambling by the other person.

The first session is usually to introduce the client to the counselling process. That session provides an opportunity for the client to understand how the sessions of the counselling will proceed. Clients will be asked to explain and expound on their feelings and versions of their issues.  The client can explain, in their own way, the issues which they wish to resolve. The range of issues, both apparent and actual, can be vast.

Whilst there may be a 'theme' which will continue through the counselling there may be variations of that issue which clients wish to bring to each of the different sessions.

Each session will have its own necessities. The process will probably have an overall treaetment direction and plan, which will be moving towards helping the primary presenting issue.

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