Compulsive behaviours:

There are many behaviours that people have that they, or others, lable as compulsive, addictive, compelled, etc. In many cases that definition is not correct.

Commonly, people label it a 'compelled' feeling when it is not possible to define what those 'compulsions' are. Citizens are compelled to comply with laws and society. People are not 'compelled' to drink alcohol, gamble or use drugs, or other similar activities; these are not compulsions, they are own decisions about how to behave.

Few people are 'forced' or 'physically compelled' to perform the act which they may have defined as 'compusive or addictive'. The 'compulsion' is internal, from themselves. When they realise that they actually do have control of their own actions there may be be an emotional realisation of their possible self-control.  When that concept is understood and accepted there can be a great shift in thinking that the person does have their own control and power whether they want to do the behaviour - or not.

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