Relationship and couples counselling:

Relationships are difficult. Each person will always have their own viewpoints, which will be physically and emotionally different from viewpoints of other people, to some extent. Understanding and acceptance of the existance of another persons' viewpoint is a basic commencing point of the relationship.

Physically no two people can have identical viewpoints, as the line-of-site from each persons' eyeball must be different. Emotionally two people will also have different viewpoints.

Each person may start, with counselling, to understand that they do not have the same viewpoint of the others'. They may then start to realise that compromise is possible and preferable. That is often the reality, when that reality is accepted there can be a movement towards a different behaviour, which will be mutually benificial.

That movement can shift the situation into being that of each person wanting to help the other, as opposed to deminishing the others' behaviour.

Good and efficient communication is commonly a counselling issue which will be worked on during the therapeutic process. 

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